Nontorsion Points of Low Height on Elliptic Curves over Quadratic Fields

I have uploaded a preprint of some recent efforts to the arXiv. In a break from my cyclotomic matrix work, this revisits a project I first became interested in over four years ago: the search for points with small height on elliptic curves over number fields, through the use of elliptic divisibility sequences. There used to be a series of posts on this topic here on Modulo Errors, but I think the paper does a better job of summarising the bits that are right, whilst some of my other claims (on the related question of computing pairings via elliptic nets) I am now dubious about, and a lot of the SAGE code supplied is unusably out of date, so I’ve taken them down for now.

However, I have created a more permanent page that lists all the points/curves I recovered, in fuller detail than summarised in the paper: for each sequence one can easily write down two points on non-isomorphic curves, so in the interests of brevity I gave the recipe and then just one example per sequence. It’s my hope that new entries will be added to this list over time, by the eds method or others: in particular, I’m keen for it to include examples over number fields of higher degree than the quadratic cases it’s currently restricted to. Contributions welcome!

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