The Giant 4D Buckyball

Earlier in the year I participated in the building of a `Giant 4D Buckyball’ sculpture; the first of its kind in the UK, and assembled by a team of twenty during the opening day of the University of Edinburgh’s Innovative Learning Week. I then represented the project at the ASCUS Art and Science Salon as part of TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh at the end of the week. The build was one of several ILW events organised by Julia Collins from the School of Mathematics, and you can read her account here. There was a lot of coverage of this event, from student blogs to Scottish Television – although of varying standards of mathematical literacy! So I’ve put together a series of posts describing the fundamental building block, the `buckyball’:

Whilst the sculpture definite counts as mathematical artwork, it also gave me a chance to indulge some of my other creative interests. As well as the images above, during the construction (and more recent deconstruction) I was able to capture the action through a pair of time-lapse videos (as always, setting to HD is recommended!):

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