Joint Mathematics Meetings 2011

I spent last week in New Orleans for the Joint Mathematics Meetings 2011. I’d made a rather last minute booking after noticing a couple of sessions could be useful, and hadn’t quite grasped the scale of the event. I’d normally think of 200 mathematicians as a large gathering, but the JMM had over six thousand …

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Exploring Cambridge

I’ve recently returned from my second ‘Young Researchers in Mathematics’ event in Cambridge, a city I never tire of visiting. At over eight hundred years old, Cambridge University has more history than some countries, so there are plenty of mathematical connections to be found as a result- I thought I’d share just a few of …

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Maths at the Science Festival

(Cross-posted to the frontpage) Just a quick note to mention two talks from the Edinburgh International Science Festival, which my flatmate chaired and I took some photos at: Marcus du Sautoy’s The Num8er My5teries and Ian Stewart’s Cows in the Maze. Summaries, courtesy of Haggis the Sheep, can be found here and here respectively.

Discovering Mathematical Tourism

Sometimes you don’t have to go far to find travel inspiration and a change of scenery. In my search of the world for sites of mathematical significance, it turned out I’d been overlooking one practically on my doorstep! The Union Canal, near Falkirk In 1822 the Union Canal opened, providing (with the Forth and Clyde …

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Young Researchers in Mathematics

There are now some videos available from the Beyond Part III / Young Researchers in Mathematics conference I attended earlier this year. Of particular note is David Spiegelhalter’s plenary lecture on probability and uncertainty. I summarised one of the ideas from that talk – the micromort – on Everything2, mentioning a comparison between the risks …

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