Easter (±ε) Activities

At the end of March I was in Cambridge for Young Researchers in Mathematics. Personal highlights include Gowers’ keynote, the plenary by Michael Atiyah, and having my own work mentioned in Gary Greaves’ talk. Having spent a lot of time recently thinking about a very small section of number theory, it was good to be able to attend something multidisciplinary, giving me the opportunity to hear about some algebraic geometry, combinatorics and string theory too. That broader diet looks set to continue this week- I’m back in Edinburgh for the British Mathematical Colloquium and British Applied Mathematics Colloquium, featuring up to a dozen splinter sessions at a time (this afternoon I opted for history of mathematics). The Edinburgh International Science Festival is also running in April, and as part of that I’ll be at the Royal Society tomorrow for Meet the Mathematicians, where I’m part of the careers panel. Busy times!

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