iSquared Magazine

A while ago I received a request for articles for a new magazine, iSquared, which seeks to cover mathematical topics, particularly real-world applications, at a level accessible to those not active in the field. This is quite a challenge, but a vital one. My own article, on the Prisoner’s Dilemma in game theory, appears in the first edition, so you can judge how well I did by buying a copy! I suspect I went overly-technical, but it’s a long time since I was an A-level student- although I remember reading New Scientist then and I don’t think the content is any more demanding in iSquared. Certainly I feel any scientifically literate undergrad with an interest in maths would find it rewarding, and at £10 for the year, educators have little to lose by picking up a subscription for a college library. For those of you more deeply involved in the subject, why not consider writing an article? Whichever category you fall into, please give it your support!

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