The Anatomy of a Maths Degree

Ever wondered what a mathematics degree involves? As another excuse to play with graphviz, and before I forget entirely, I decided to map out the contents of my undergraduate degree- a four year masters at the University of Bath, England. Here’s the result:

(clickthrough for legible, hi-res version)

The colours denote the year in which I took the course: green for year 1, blue for year 2, yellow for year 3, and red for year 4. The rating of the courses themselves is denoted by the course code- the first digit specifies the intended level of study. 1 is ‘certificate’, 2 is ‘intermediate’, 3 is ‘honours’ and 4 ‘masters’. The intention is that you collect at least 10 each at levels 3 and 4.

For a fuller description of what the courses involve, you can look up their course code in the unit handbook, available online via the university.

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