Talks on Cyclotomic Matrices and Graphs

I’m speaking this afternoon at the Heilbronn Seminar in Bristol: my slides are available here. This is essentially (up to permutation, and modulo errors!) the talk I gave at Royal Holloway in October, although the last few slides have been replaced with a result I’ve found since then.

I try to avoid technical details of proofs in my talks, and to make the slides intelligible even if you weren’t there, so if you just want the motivation for, or results of, my PhD work then this is probably the best place to look. For all the proofs in tedious detail, there’s my thesis itself. I’ve since come up with a much more compact proof of the results in Chapter 5, which has lead to this draft paper classifying all cyclotomic L-graphs for d=-15,-11,-7 and -2: it’s far more compact than the corresponding sections of my thesis, but perhaps at the price of readability!

If you’d just like to know more about Mahler measure and Lehmer’s problem in general, then I’d recommend this survey by Chris Smyth. For various records related to small Mahler measure, see Mossinghof’s tables.

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