Tutorial Feedback

As before, I have been making use of the optional postgraduate tutoring feedback forms to obtain more information on how undergraduates feel about tutorials. Here are the responses I received for Semester 1 09/10, from 15 students (of a possible 19) across two groups of Honours 1 students.

Statement1:Strongly Disagree2:Disagree3:Neither Agree nor Disagree4:Agree5:Strongly AgreeAverage
Tutorial Work
"I prefer to work in a group rather than individually"021843.93
"I prefer the tutor to present solutions to the problems to the group"007713.6
"I prefer the students to solve problems with the tutor's help" 0311102.87
"I prefer to work individually on the tutorial sheets and ask the tutor for assistance when I need it"227402.87
Communication with Tutor
"My tutor provided satisfactory answers to most of the questions posed by students in the tutorials"0005104.67
"My tutor encouraged my active participation in the tutorials"005823.8
"My tutor was helpful and easy to approach if I had any problems"0003124.8
Effectiveness of Tutorials
"I learnt helpful techniques and methods in tutorials that I would not have learnt by only attending lectures"002944.13
"I received helpful feedback on my marked assignments" 0011044.2
"I think that overall my tutor ran good tutorials"000964.4
"I think that overall the tutorials were helpful"000964.4
"I think that it is important to go through the suggested questions before the tutorial to get the most benefit from the tutorial" 0211023.8