Hello! I’m Graeme, and Modulo Errors is where I keep track of my mathematical output. What the `blog‘ section lacks in frequency it makes up for in longevity; having been involved in this subject for over a decade, I’ve covered quite a few topics here along the way. But for less mathematical content, you could also try my main site, Straylight.

Current Activities

At present I am studying Operational Research, to enable a transition into the private sector. You can keep track of my progress through the University of Edinburgh’s MSc programme here.

Pure Mathematics

As a postgraduate student in Edinburgh, and subsequently as a postdoctoral fellow in Bristol, I carried out research in pure mathematics. My published work was on matrices with constrained eigenvalues, particularly in connection with Lehmer’s problem, but more generally I was interested in computational, algorithmic and/or experimental aspects of number theory and graph theory.


Along the way I’ve often tried to convey some of my enthusiasm for mathematics to others (whether they shared that enthusiasm or not!); some of the more organised events and activities of this nature are documented on the Outreach section. Some of the content on Modulo Errors is deliberately pitched at a wider readership; such posts can be identified by the Popular Mathematics tag.


My entry in the Mathematics Genealogy Project is here, which can be traced back eventually to Newton.

My Erdos number is (at most) four.